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Suzhou desisen electronics co.,ltd.
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Su zhou desisen electronics Co.,Ltd is specializing in researching and developing on automatic flaw detection system of eddy current flaw detectorsorting machineultrasonic flaw detectorall kinds of rod tubemetal accessoriesauto parts,providing customers with complete testing methods and flow so as to satisfy customersrequirements of quick speed whole quantity inspection and quality improving ,the products are widely used in electric power, aerospace, military project,metallurgy, mechanical manufacture industry.Especially in tubebarwire and so on metal accessoriesauto parts are in leading position.

In recent years, we have made great achievements,We are the first to produce multifunction intelligent eddy current flaw detectors multiple frequency eddy current flaw detectorsdouble frequency and double channels eddy current flaw detectorstube bar automatic flaw detection systemaircraft wheel hub automatic flaw detection system.  

Our company cooperates with many colleges and research institute develop high speed flaw detector and super speed online eddy current flaw detector togetherwhich filled the gap in China,strongly promote development of domestic testing career,the all series flaw detectors produced by us are international national brand,products are sold to Germany,AmericanMiddle East and JapanKorea,and widely used in domestic metal manufacturing.

Our company sticks to scientific and technological innovation,keep researching high properties eddy current flaw detectorsultrasonic flaw detectors,so as to meet customersneeds,we are willing to cooperate with customers in sincere professional ethics ,and making great achievements in occupying international markets in  globalized age.


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ADD:Building 31, U science park, no.4168 dongshan avenue, linhu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city


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