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Suzhou desisen electronics co.,ltd.
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Our company makes sure that our instruments and accessories have no flaw from material or

production,and providing one year assurance of parts and maintenance from buying day

1Under normal usage,in warranty period,if instrument has quality problem and causes fault,please contact us,we promise that we will arrive the scene in 48 hours when we get maintenance call.

2After warranty period and need maintenance,we just charge the cost.

3If the equipment damage caused by inappropriate usedestuffingfireearthquakeabnormal voltage and other human damage or external reasons is not in warranty,its maintenance cost and parts cost are paid by users.

4The probe belongs to consumable,its normal abrasion and regularly change should be paid by customer.

5Warranty card is proof of enjoying free warranty,please pay more attention to save it and write it,if lost, it can not be reapplied.

6We have professional after sales service team.

7Providing one to one after sales technique support.

8Free train

9We will call customers in seven days so as to make sure there is no problem for users

10We will visit customers in 30 days


Suzhou desisen electronics co.,ltd.  Technical support:RBWL
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ADD:Building 31, U science park, no.4168 dongshan avenue, linhu town, wuzhong district, suzhou city


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