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SEC-1T vortex Automatic Detection Separating System
Product model:SEC-1T
Subordinate classification:Overheat sorting
Application area:SEC-1T vortex Automatic Detection Separating System

The system is mainly suitable for defect detection of ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic metal, austenitic, stainless steel and mixed steel testing. It can be widely used in raw materials testing of energy, petrifaction, bearings, automobile, machinery manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, raw material such as bearings, high strength bolts, online or offline nondestructive testing of copper, aluminum tube, and evaporator condenser pipe of all kinds of refrigeration equipment. This system is a necessary testing equipment for tube, rod, wire material production factory. This system adopts detection mode of rotary balance probe, rotating transformer signal coupling, synchronization regulation double detection probes, workpiece of straight through, with advantages as stable and reliable performance, high detection sensitivity, fast detection, no need of magnetization and demagnetization devices, sensitive detection of defects easy generated on pipe, rod, and wire, can make 100% of the nondestructive testing on raw material surface.Equipment has defect alarm, automatic feeding and blanking and automatic separation function, its automatic detection device provided effective means of detection for mass tube, rod, wire production and application factories.
This method does not need any coupling agent, no direct contact measuring of probe and workpiece, so there is no pollution and no damage to the surface. High frequency produced by eddy current flaw detector will detect eddy current on the surface of workpiece through probeand high frequency magnetic field produced by eddy current on the surface of the workpiece will in turn affect the probe impedance, once defect found on surface and destroyed the original vortex field, then lead to changes of probe impedance, instrument realize automatic crack detection through measuring probe impedance changes.
This system includes the automatic feeding and blankingdevice, inspection device, automatic separation device, dual-channel eddy current flaw detector, and electricalcontrol cabinet, also can provide the host part only (including automatic inspection device, dual-channel eddy current flaw detector, and electrical control cabinet).Eddy current flaw detector has two independent adjustable detecting channels, respectively set with incentive power regulation, sensitivity adjustment and phase adjustment knob, can adapt to different specification of detection, the operation of automatic balancing system is simple, dual-channel defect waveform display and mechanical transmission are synchronized, waveform display is clear and stable, instrument is equipped with automatic sound and light alarm, provide the separation of unqualified material. Detection and mechanical transmission part adopts variable voltage signal coupling, can improve the rotation speed of probe, meet the requirements for high speed detection, and the dual-probe adjustment is synchronized, make the operation of different diameters of workpiece detection simpler.

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